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 duelist pack yugi !!!!!!!!

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duelist pack yugi !!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: duelist pack yugi !!!!!!!!   duelist pack yugi !!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeSat Jul 04, 2009 12:16 pm

* DPYG-EN001 Dark Magician (Rare)
* DPYG-EN002 Summoned Skull (Super Rare)
* DPYG-EN003 Queen's Knight (Common)
* DPYG-EN004 Jack's Knight (Common)
* DPYG-EN005 Kuriboh (Common)
* DPYG-EN006 Catapult Turtle (Common)
* DPYG-EN007 Buster Blader (Common)
* DPYG-EN008 Dark Magician Girl (Super Rare)
* DPYG-EN009 Big Shield Gardna (Common)
* DPYG-EN010 Sorcerer of Dark Magic (Super Rare)
* DPYG-EN011 King's Knight (Common)
* DPYG-EN012 Green Gadget (Common)
* DPYG-EN013 Red Gadget (Common)
* DPYG-EN014 Yellow Gadget (Common)
* DPYG-EN015 Marshmallon (Rare)
* DPYG-EN016 Dark Paladin (Ultra Rare)
* DPYG-EN017 Black Luster Soldier (Rare)
* DPYG-EN018 Swords of Revealing Light (Common)
* DPYG-EN019 Monster Reborn (Rare)
* DPYG-EN020 Polymerization (Super Rare)
* DPYG-EN021 Exchange (Rare)
* DPYG-EN022 Black Luster Ritual (Common)
* DPYG-EN023 Diffusion Wave-Motion (Common)
* DPYG-EN024 Brain Control (Common)
* DPYG-EN025 Card of Sanctity (Rare)
* DPYG-EN026 Spellbinding Circle (Common)
* DPYG-EN027 Mirror Force (Ultra Rare)
* DPYG-EN028 Magical Hats (Rare)
* DPYG-EN029 Lightforce Sword (Common)
* DPYG-EN030 Stronghold the Moving Fortress (Common)

i need mirroir force and marshmallon and maybe exchange everything else is ok too i guess
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duelist pack yugi !!!!!!!!
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