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 xXPlantsXx Plant Deck No 1. Literal Plant Control

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PostSubject: xXPlantsXx Plant Deck No 1. Literal Plant Control   Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:41 am

Literal Control Plants
Basically the main play is to creature swap your plant away,then fragrance storm it to draw 1/2
It also try's to get tytannial in the grave,to then bring it back with reborn/Lord poison
And of course you can just spam synchros

Monsters (23)
2x Botanical Girl
1x Dandylion
1x Lonefire blossom
2x Lord Poison
3x Naturia Cherries
2x Naturia Marron
2x Naturia Pineapple
3x Phoenixian Cluster Amarilys
3x Ryko,Lightsworn Hunter
1x Treeborn Frog
2x Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

Spells (17)
1x Charge of The Light Brigade
2x Creature Swap
1x Dark hole
3x Enemy Controller
3x Fragrance Storm
1x Heavy Storm/Monster Reborn/Pot of Avarice/Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Trade-In

AOJ Catastor
Black Rose Dragon~
Formula Synchron
Queen of Thorns~
Splendid Rose~
Scrap Dragon
Stardust Dragon
T.G Hyper Librarian
Naturia Beast
Naturia Barkion
Shooting Star Dragon
Shooting Quasar Dragon
Wind-Up Zenmaines
No30.Acid Golem of Destruction

This is still in testing...I think
Constructive Criticism is welcome ^_^
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xXPlantsXx Plant Deck No 1. Literal Plant Control
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