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 Possible Yuugiou Connection To Past Sagas? Part 2

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PostSubject: Possible Yuugiou Connection To Past Sagas? Part 2   Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:41 pm

The original post can no longer have more information put on to it so I will continue it here same rules apply as the first Part. Here we go!

Yuugiou Series Includes:

The first part can be found here if you haven't read it yet: http://konamiwc.ogameplayer.com/t2504-possible-yuugiou-connection-to-past-sagas-part-1, the first post contains sections 1-53

54. ~Counterfit/ Fake Cards/ Replicas~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Malik made fake The Sun Of God Dragon cards which Lihito used in the Battle City finals. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Mr. Frantz stole the replica of The Sun God Of Dragon from a vault (probably) which he used against students at the academy and Yuki Judai. In Yuugiou 5D's an enemy took the appearance of Jack Atlas and used 3 copies of Red Daemons Dragon card against the real Jack Atlas when Jack Atlas was being framed.

* Note: The Sun Of God Dragon which Frantz stole isn't a fake card. This is just a replica which Pegasus J. Crawford made, it was mainly used for further studying on this card. It is believed that Atem took the original 3 Egyptian God Cards after the Battle Ceremony. The Sun Of God Dragon that is facing Judai isn't same that Malik used in the Battle City finals which injured Mai, Jounouchi during the Battle City finals.

55. ~3 Of A Kind~
In the Toei series, Kaiba kidnaps Yuugi's grandfather, in a duel against Kaiba, Kaiba uses 3 Blue-Eyes White dragons against Yuugi. When Kaiba uses his duel disk system in the Toei Animation film [ War Of The Dragons ] Kaiba calls out 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons in his math. When Yuugi first faced off against Kaiba Seto, Kaiba used 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons against Yuugi. At Duel Academy Manjyoume Jun, Misawa Daichi, Marufuji Ryo used 3 Cyber Dragons/ Hell Soldier/ Hydrogedon in their deck. During season of GX Cronos de Medici used 3x Antique Gear Golems against Yuki Judai. At the Academia of 5D's Rudolph Heitmann used 3x Antique Gear Golems against Fudo Yusei. Impostor Jack used 3 fake copies of Red Daemons Dragon card against the real Jack Atlas in a rematch duel. At the duel lodge Rokujuro uses 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon stone tablets against Yuma.

56. ~Special Dueling Rules~
After Duelist Kingdom, Yuugi faced off against Otogi in a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters. In the Battle City tournaments cards have altered effects, those effects which you can launch normals spells as if they were Quick-Play Spells. During the Battle City finals, the blimp was heading towards Alacatraz Duel Tower but then Noah from a virtual environment took control of the blimp and made all the contenders virtual and use a new set of rules called the Deck Master system. In Yuugiou 5D's dueling has advanced taking duels on the go on motorbikes. In the Yuugiou ZeXal, during a tournament Yuma found a duelist who loves tomatoes but in order for a player to attack he/she will be forced to eat a vegetable in that container. During the WDC Finals, Yuma faced off against Tron which they both had to use a particular field called Sphere Field which they were both allowed to summon 2 monsters from their hand to call out an XYZ Monster, ignoring summoning conditions.

* Special thanks to dayvividnerdvillage for providing this information

57. ~VS Gramps~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Jounouchi Katsuya duels against Yuugi's jii-chan. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Yuki Judai duels up against Kagemaru. Yuugiou 5D's Yanagi faces off against Hinomuro in the facility. Tsukomo Yuma duels against Rokujuro at the Duel Lodge.

58. ~Cosplay/ Dress Up~
In the final two episodes of Toei Animation Yuugiou, Yuugi and his friends face off against Bakura who puts his friends souls (excluding Atem) in their chracter pieces. In a Yami no Game, during Duelist Kingdom, Dark Bakura sent Yuugi, Jounouchi, Honda, and Anzu's souls into their cards then Atem appears from Yuugi's puzzle and takes over the duel between Bakura and Atem using Yuugi's friends soul cards. Duel Academy had a festival which students can dress up as a duel monster and cosplay. During the duel between Yuma and Rokujuro at the Duel Lodge, Yuma's body becomes wooden while his soul/spirit has entered Black Magician during the duel. During a school festival in ZeXal ll, some students cosplay as monster from the Duel Monster card game.

- Anzu is the saint ( I think )
- Hmm Honda is the gun holder
- Hmm Jounouchi is apparently wielding the sword in both cosplays.

59. ~Predictions Which Changed~
During the Battle City finals, in a duel between Kaiba Seto and Isis, Isis predicted that Kaiba would attack Isis with The God Of Obelisk but after seeing the stone statue of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Kaiba knew that Obelisk was not the card that would win the duel. So then Kaiba summoned Blue-Eyes White Dragon which won him the duel. In the second part of Judai dueling Saiou of season 2 of Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Saiou predicted his field spell The Bounds Of Light would be right side up but however it turned upside down instead of what he predicted. In a duel between Shuta and Yuma, Shuta used his Duel Disk camera and saw photos which when Yuma had his Gogogo Giant and Gogogo Golem on the field, Yuma would Xyz summon No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope but, Yuma did not Xyz No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope on the turn Shuta saw the photos.

60. ~Soul Fusion~
In Yuugiou Duel Monster GX, Yuki Judai merged his soul with Yubel which then gave Judai the powers of Yubel which were used in season 4 of GX. In a re-match duel with Kaito, Astral and Yuma merged their souls together to duel Kaito inside the Emperor's Key with the powers of ZeXal.

* Note: Season 4 of Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX takes place in episodes 156-180(end), season 4 was not English Dubbed by 4Kids or by anyone else

61. ~Other Worlds~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX after Judai loosing to Edo Phoenix, Judai could not see his cards, all Judai saw was blank cards. When Judai took a motorboat (I think its a motorboat) Judai was not on earth but in Neo Space which Judai gained new cards such as his Neo Spacians. In Yuugiou ZeXal, Astral is a messenger from Astral World which he then meets up with Yuma and Astral World is another world. Barian World a complete dimensional world of the Astral World.

62. ~Kuribo~
In the Yuugiou series their has been a Kuriboh card. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Mutou Yuugi has a Kuriboh card. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Yuki Judai received a Hane Kuriboh from Mutou Yuugi. In Yuugiou 5D's Ruka has Kuribon. In the film Super Fusions, Bonds That Transcend Through Time, Mutou Yuugi used his Kuriboh in the film. For the ZeXal series, Tsukumo Yuma has a Kuribolt which looks very different than the others.

* I guess it is still your decision weather or not you want to count Kuribolt as a Kuriboh card or not, however I will count this

63. ~A Card's True Form~
In season 4 of Yuugiou Duel Monsters the cards which Yuugi, Kaiba and Jounouchi received some dragon cards but in the duel against Dartz a card that Pegasus J. Crawford created would awaken their true forms. In the ZeXal series, to save Yuma's friends Yuma/ Astral faced off against Jin, during the second part of the duel, Astral gave Yuma another card in his extra deck to use which was Chaos Number 39: Aspiration Emperor - Hope Ray. According to an English subtitle episode of the rematch duel between Kaito and Astral, Kaito says that " this is Hope's true form " or something like that. In Ryoga's duel against IV, Ryoga Chaos XYZ Shark Drake Vice during the duel.

64. ~Dueling Animals~
In the Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX series, Yuki Judai faced off against SAL (Super Animal Learning) to win back Junko, who SAL took away, SAL used technology to duel Yuki Judai and to communicate with humans. In Yuugiou ZeXal, Dog-chan stole Yuma's heart pieces during the tournament and hid inside the back of a dog which she used to duel Cathy with.

* I would like to point out that both animals are part of the Chinese zodiac, LOL

65. ~3000 Attackers~
Just the reverse opposite of the Protagonists 2500 Attackers of their favorite cards. Yuugiou Duel Monsters has Kaiba Seto with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. In Duel Monsters GX their could have been 2 cards with 3000 Attacks and these cards are "Antique Gear Golem" and 'VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Dragon" used by Chronos De Mediz and by Manjyoume Jun. In Yuugiou 5D's Jack Atlus used his Red Daemons Dragon card. In the ZeXal series the Number Hunter Kaito uses his Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon.

66. ~Under The Belt~
Do I really have to say something about this? I think you readers can figure this out on your own.

I think Ushio had something happen to him in the 5D's series but I can't remember clearly.

67. ~Duel Monsters VS ZeXal~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters there existed Black Magician and his apprentice Black Magician Girl. Now in Yuugiou ZeXal we have some similar monsters to Black Magician and Black Magician and these monsters are Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl.

68. ~Hospitalized~
In Yuugiou duel monsters during the fight with Malik, Jounouchi fell while trying to defeat Malik at the Alacatraz Duel Tower. In the fight with Tyranno Kenzan both Tyranno Kenzan and Jim were hospitalized after their duel. In the Riding Duel against Kiryu, Yusei had shards of metal in him. After getting Haruto back from V, Haruto was in the E Room (I guess). In a duel between IV and Rio (Ryoga's younger sister), IV activated a spell card called " Flaming Hell Blessing " (Spell card effects UNKNOWN) which caused a real fire in their surroundings, at the end Rio was hospitalized being critically injured.

69. ~The Sacred Barrier, Mirror Force~
During the final duel against Atem, Yuugi attacked Obelisk w/ Silent Swordsman LV 7 but then Atem activated his set Mirror Force card. To get Tenjoin Asuka back, Judai faced off against Titan, to protect his monsters Judai used his Mirror Force trap card to destroy Titan's Terror King Archfiend card. In order to find the culprit who stole Team 5D's data USB stick, Team 5D's had to find out the solution to the duel puzzle guarded by a duel bot. When Yuma duel against Rokujuro from the duel lodge, Rokujuro used his Mirror Force card to protect his set Queen's Knight card from being flipped over.

Note: The Sacred Barrier, Mirror Force was just as used much as Declaration Of God.

70. ~Status: Deceased~
Each series of Yuugiou had some people loosing their lives. Weather or not they were important or not, they died.
In the Toei Animation, a corrupted doctor didn't care about the patients in his hospital and only cared bout golfing. While still very young Pegasus J. Crawford lover pasted away. When Malik was born Malik/ Isis mother died after giving birth to Malik. Dark Malik killed Mr. Ishtar when Dark Malik got free when Isis and Malik snuck out. In the Virtual World Arc, Noah deleted the Big 5 when they lost of Yuugi and Jounouchi. Yuugiou Duel Monsters had Noah and his father die from the virtual reality from a missle aiming for the virtual environment. As a child Rafael lost his mom,dad, Sonia, and Julian on a boat which Dartz caused causing their deaths. Amelda was talking bout his younger brother Miruko who died. In the Pharaoh's Memory, many of the holders of the Sennen Items (excluding Priest Seto & the Pharaoh) died attempting to defeat Zoark along with Kisara as well. Shadi proteced the Pharaoh in the Memory World Arc which is probably why he is now deceased. In the GX era Professor Kouji Satou lost to Yuki Judai in season 3 and his card falls near the edge where they were dueling, when Professor Kouji Satou attempted to pick up his card he fell to his death. When Dr. Fudo made an error in his research Zero Reverse endeded up taking the lives of several people in Neo Domino City and as well as Dr. Fudo's life and possibly his wife's life as well during the incident. In the 5D's episode where Carly finds out that Goodwin isn't from the city Carly dueled against Divine which Carly fell to her death and was reborn as a Dark Signer and later was brought back as a human after the Dark Signer Arc ended. When Misty fought Aki, Misty learned that Divine murdered Misty's younger brother when she took revenge on Diving and Misty used her Earthbound God Card to kill Divine. When Yusei defeated Rex, both Rex and his older brother Roman departure into the afterlife of the Dark Signer Arc. During the CRASHTOWN series during 5D's Sergio (Nico & West father) fell off a cliff while he was working there and assumed to be dead. In 5D's, Aporia, Antonimy, Paradox, Z-ONE and with several humans die from an error which nearly killed all of Neo Domino City civilians (including Yusei father). In ZeXal, III trapped Astral, which lead Yuma unable to get help from Astral, but then III killed Astral as a result for making Yuma last a turn more.

*Then again, I guess Noah and Gosuboro Kaiba were dead after they became virtual, in the virtual environment.

NOTE: Carly and Astral died once but however they did come back to life.

71. ~Dueling Under Control/Manipulation~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Malik gained control over Jounouchi during Battle City at the pier in a four part duel. In season two of Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Tenjoin Asuka lost to Manjyoume Jun then fell under the spell of the Association of Light then Asuka dueled Judai. In the ZeXal series Tron managed to put Ryoga into a trans of some sort and got Ryoga under his control. In ZeXal ll, Gilag brainwashes both Kotori and Cathy to duel Yuma and Ryoga or Gilag in a tag duel.

* NOTE: Only the protagonists fought those under manipulation during the duel.

72. ~Symbol Of Friendship~
In episode 1 of Duel Monsters, Anzu drew a face on Yuugi, Jounouchi, Honda and herself hand. During the saga of 5D's Yusei, Jack, Aki, Rua, Ruca, and Crow had a mark of the Crimson Dragon on their arm which stayed with them which they used when needed to achieve victory.

73. ~5 Monster Cards~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, a monster called Exodia who has 5 limbs are needed for its total body to appear and win you the duel. In Yuugiou 5D's there were three monsters who have 5 parts just like Exoida, although you don't actually need the other 5 parts, these cards were called Machine Emperor Grannel, Machine Emperor Skiel and Machine Emperor Wisel. Later on when the cards arrived in OCG and TCG we have cards by the name of Exodia Necross and Meklord Emperor having all the pieces in one card.

74. ~@ Gun Point~
During Yuugiou! (Toei Animation) Jiro gun point at Atem during the Game of Darkness which Atem suggested which they would play. When Kaiba journeys to Pegasus's castle to find his younger brother Mokuba, Saruwatari appears and gun points at Kaiba. Inside of Pegasus J. Crawford's castle Keith Howard (Bandit Keith) gun point at Pegasus when he lost the duel to Jounouchi (even though Keith cheated). In the Crashtown area, Kiryu and Yusei tag teamed against Lotten, when Lotten would activate the effect of his Gatling Ogre, Kiryu used Infernity Des Gunman effect which gun point @ Lotten when Lotten would use his Gatling Ogre's ability.

Sure the gun that Infernity Des Gunman pointing at Lotten isn't a real gun but it's still a gun.

75. ~武藤遊戯 ( Yuugi )~
Yuugi a character who has appeared in every series weather he is the series protagonist or not in all Yuugiou series.

76. ~Arcade Area~
In every Yuugiou series their has been arcade games in the show. Yuugiou Toei Animation had Yuugi seen in one. Atem and Anzu went to the Arcade area called like Big Spider or something where they faced Step Johnny. GX had Gin Ryusei playing some aracde game in his dorm room. 5D's had those arcades which had that Riding Duel, Duel Puzzle.

77. ~Season 1 Episodes~
Is it just me or is the first Yuugiou season getting bigger and bigger by the amount of episodes in the first season?
Yuugiou Toei Animation/ First Series/ Season 0: 1-27
Yuugiou Duel Monsters: 001-049
Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX: 001-052
Yuugiou 5D's: 001-064 [ 001-026 ~ Fortune Cup arc ][ 027 - 064 ~ Dark Signer arc ] the Dark Signer arc is part two of season 1 it is not season 2 of 5Ds.
Yuugiou ZeXal: 001-073

Note: Yuugiou 5D's Dark Signer arc is part if season 1 it is just the second half of season 1. Episodes 001-026 [ Fortune Cup ], Episodes 027-064 [ Dark Signer Arc ].

78. ~ATK 10000+~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Atem fought the Silent Puppet, Egyptian God card Osiris had its attack raised to 23,000. In GX their have been several monsters over 10,000 ATK such as the battle against Kagemaru, Ryo at Duel Academy and again with Ryo at the other dimension. In the battle between Z-ONE Stardust Dragon ATK went up to 23,000. In the 5D's film Stardust Dragon's ATK went to 10,000. Yuma/Astral Chaos Number 39: Aspiring Emperor Hope Ray ATK went up to 16,600 which defeated Bararian.

BTW over 9000

79. ~The Chosen Ones~
Up until Yuugiou 5D's there have been a selected few who were given something which other people did not have. In Duel Monsters in ancient Egypt, there have been a selected 7 where held the Sennen Items. In Duel Monsters GX, Principal Samejima gave a select few a key to the seven stone gate. In 5D's the Crimson Dragon gave a select few a mark which was mainly used to fight against the Dark Signers and to request for help when needed in s duel.

Note: 5D's was the only series which didn't have a 7th member to hold a mark of the Crimson Dragon. Originally I was going to call it " The Chosen 7 " but since their was no 7th member in the 5D's group looks like I had to go to plan B.

80. ~Helicopter~
Every series has had a helicopter at some point seen throughout the anime. The KC group went to find some wealthy man who liked dolls. Duel Monsters used a helicopter to bring Otogi to Duelist Kingdom and also when Jounouchi collapsed a helicopter was sent to bring him in a helicopter and send him to a hospital which is also used to get off Alacatraz Duel Tower. In GX a helicopter was used to go or leave Duel Academy. In 5D's a helicopter sent Jack and Carly on a helicopter when Jack found Yusei dueling Kiryu. During ZeXal, everyone was looking for Haruto which was piloted by Dorite.

81. ~Glasses~
With every Yuugiou series at least one character worse glasses. Insector Haga from Duel Monsters, In season 4 of Duel Monsters when Rebecca Hopkins returns, she wears eye glasses. Marufuji Sho from Duel Monsters GX. Carly from 5D's Tokunosuke and Cathy from ZeXal.

Very minor, nothing of too importance...

82. ~Mothers~
In most Yuugiou series we get to the protagonist's mom. Before we Battle City we get to see Yuugi's mom. In a family photo Yusei's mom is in it with Dr. Fudo and Yusei. We get to see Yuma's mom in a photograph along with Yuma's father.

83. ~Pretending To Be Someone Else~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Mokuba pretended to be the Princess to get to Seto. In 5D's Lua pretended to be his younger sister Luca in an upcoming duel with Bommer at the Fortune Cup arc.

84. ~2 Against 1~
Just like the 3 against 1 their has been 2 against 1 duels in Yuugiou series. Duel Monsters had the Big 5 VS Atem/Jounouchi, Otogi Ryuuji/Rebecca VS Valon Atem/Kaiba VS Dartz. In KC Grand Prix, Dinosaur Ryuzuki and Insector Haga dueled Jiki. GX had Chronos/ Napoleon VS Pegasus, Judai/Johan VS Fujiwara Yuseke. 5D's had Yusei/Kiryu VS Lotton and Lua/Luca VS Lucciano. ZeXal (season 1) IV squared off against Tetsuo/Todoroki had Yuma VS Gauche/Dorite (Dolowa). In ZeXal ll, Gilag duel against Yuma and Rei.

85. ~Duel By Force~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters during the Orichalcos saga, Kujaku Mai forced Jounouchi to duel her. Haga forced Atem to duel if he wanted information where Yuugi was, Ryuzaki forced Jounouchi to duel. In 5D's TEAM SATISFACTION used a grip device of some sort which will cause the enemy to duel by force (kinda) and will destroy the loser's duel disk. When Yusei attempts to enter the City to find Jack Ushio forces Yusei into a duel. In ZeXal Kaito uses a device which forces Yuma to duel for his Numbers card. When Yuma/Kaito went to save Haruto, III and IV used the same device which Kaito used and force a tag duel on Yuma/Kaito.

86. ~Burgers~
When Yuugi and Jounouchi went to Burger World in Yuugiou first series and Duel Monsters they found Anzu working their. When Judai went to Domino City he met 2 chracters who use Monarchs cards also they were eating burgers. In 5D's when Yusei,Sherry,Burno went to to the Momentum on lunch break they were eating at Lucky Burger.

At least I think those are burgers in the GX image...

87. ~An Unexpected Leave~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Yuugi left the area to fly to Egypt to help Atem recover his memories from the past after the KC Grand Prix ended. In GX Judai believed that all the incidents from Mr. T(rueman) where there because of him so Judai notify's Samejima that's he's leave and obviously never coming back. In 5D's after being electrocuted by SECURITY, Yusei is found in an alley where Lua and Luca find him and take him inside their home at the end of the episode Yusei leaves when Lua and Luca are sleeping. In ZeXal Yuma leaves his house knowing full well that both Astral and Kaito both need the Number cards. Yuma leaves knowing that his father is still alive and perhaps leaving on a mission to search for him.

88. ~The Worn Item~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, in the manipulated duel with Jounouchi VS Yuugi, Yuugi gave his Sennen Item to Jounouchi during the duel. In Yuugiou ZeXal ll Yuma gave the Emperor's Key to Kotori to hold on to.

89. ~Thrown Away Cards~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters on the way to Duelist Kingdom, Insector Haga threw away Yuugi's Sealed Exodia 5 card pieces in the ocean. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, to duel against his older brother Chosaku Manjoume, Jun Manjoume used a deck of monster cards which he found in a well that were thrown away by other duelists. In the Dark Signer Ark of 5D's as a child Crow found Duel Monster cards scattered around Satellite that were probably thrown away.

90. ~The Transfer Student~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Bakura Ryo transfered to Neo Domino High. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Rei Saotome transferred to the Duel Academy for a short period time. In Yuugiou 5D's Lucciano transfered to the Duel Academy (I think its still called Duel Academy in the Japanese version). In Yuugiou ZeXal a boy by the name of Rei Shingetsu gets transferred to Heartland Middle School.

91. ~Cloak(s)~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters a duelist by the name of Fortune Salim wore a cloak during the KC Grand Prix. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Marufuji Ryo wore a cloak when entering the other dimension to help Judai find Johan. In Yuugiou 5D's the Dark Signers all wore cloaks. In the Yuugiou ZeXal World Duel Carnival, duelist Anna wore a cloak at the beginning of the rollercoaster part of WDC.

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PostSubject: Re: Possible Yuugiou Connection To Past Sagas? Part 2   Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:27 am

Part 3

92. ~Brother Flashback Past~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters a flashback of Jounouchi and Shizuka being separated as children. The same thing with Kaiba and Mokuba after their parents died. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Sho dueled a bully but when Sho attempted to activated Power Bonds, Sho's older brother stepped him and called off the duel by giving Sho's opponent Breaker The Magical Warrior card. In the 5D's anime, at school Luca passed out and Luca was with her at the Duel Monsters Spirit World. In ZeXal 1, Kaito and his younger brother Haruto were attempting to escape from Heartland, Mr. Heartland got Kaito tied up and got his hands on Haruto. As children Ryoga and Rio where talking bout rings or something...

93. ~Band Aids~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Shizuka had an eye problem which she had to go into surgery from going blind which lead to her having band aids covering her eyes for a certain period of time. In Yuugiou ZeXal/ ZeXal ll, Rio (Ryoga's younger sister) was dueling III and at the end she had band aids covering her eyes. At the end both Shizuka and Rio were able to take her band aids off.

94. ~Ailurophobia~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Chronos De Mediz as ailurophobia. In Yuugiou ZeXal, Ryoga's younger sister Rio also has ailurophobia.

95. ~Protagonist in Hospital~
After the duel between Malik/ Keith Howard dueled Yuugi, Yuugi was in the hospital at the end of the episode. In Yuugiou GX, Judai was in the hospital, not once but twice one after the duel between Fubuki as Darkness and the second after his duel between O'Brien. In 5D's Yusei got impaled with a sharp item on him.

96. ~UnderMy Control~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Saiou was being possessed. In Yuugiou ZeXal, Kaito, Ryoga and Yuma took on Dr. Faker (Kaito's father) and at the end we saw that Barian was behind it and controlling Dr. Faker (or so possibly).

97. ~Taking Over~
In Yuugiou Toei Animation, Yuugi wasn't feeling well and his Sennen Item was taken away and Yuugi had to duel to get it back. Kaiba-kun showed up and took over the duel. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters in Noah's arc, when Kaiba and Mokuba both got turned into stone, Yami took over the duel against Noah using Kaiba's cards. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX when Momoe and Junko were dueling a butler/ wine guy, Asuka showed up to continue the duel in their place. In Yuugiou 5D's, when Crow got his arm injury, Aki filled in for Crow and dueled in Crow's place during WRGP. In Yuugiou ZeXal ll, when Yuma got hit by the Sphere Field, Kaito showed up and dueled in place of Yuma.

98. ~My Pal~
In Yuugiou our protagonist has a special buddy in the series out of everyone else. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Yuugi's pal was Atem. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Yuki Judai's pal was Johan. In Yuugiou 5D's Yusei met Bruno who they both had a lot of interests in mechanics and stuff such as D-Wheels. In Yuugiou ZeXal Yuma's pal is Rei.

99. ~One of a kind card~
In the Yuugiou anime their has been one of a kind card (excluding Blue-Eyes White Dragon) which 4 exist in the Duel Monsters series. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Yuugi's grandfather Sugoroku Mutou owns 1 Blue-Eyes White dragon while Kaiba Seto was in possession of the other 3 also Yuugi's Dark Magician is just a one of a kind, Pandora using Black Magician but of a different art work. The Egyptian God Cards are a 1 of a kind card. When Yuki Judai fought the robot in outer space, Judai obtained the Neo Spacian cards which no one ever heard of and also his E-HERO Neos card. In 5D's theirs 4 special dragon cards (Stardust Dragon, Red Daemon Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon and Black Rose Dragon) which closed the towers when a Dark Signer was defeated and eventually died. In the ZeXal era, theirs a special group of monster cards known as the "Numbers" cards which is just one of each.

Note: I don't think its necessary to put the Egyptian God Cards, Sacred Beasts, Polar Gods, e.t.c I think we would all know bout those cards by now.

100. ~Not Holograms~
In the Pharaoh's Memory saga, Atem called out The Sun God Of Dragon, The Saint Dragon, God Of Osiris and The God of Obelisk to fight Zork. After Judai and Yubel became one, Judai was able to call Neos out using Yubel's power and materialize him using his duel disk without Neos being a hologram. In 5D's when Ruka arrived in the Spirit World the Duel Mionsters would be living creatures when Ruka met Regunlus. In ZeXal, when Yuma began the duel against Dolowa and Gauche, Number 39 was fighting Number 96 in the Emperor's Key.

101. ~Deck W/ Same/Similar Monster~
In Yuugiou Toei Series when Sugoroku Mutou fought Kaiba Seto and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in their posession. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Pandora got his minion to lure Yuugi/ Atem to duel him and Black Magician was the bet which they both hold in their deck. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Edo Phoenix requested a duel against Yuuki Judai, which they were using a showdown of E-HERO VS E-HERO. In 5D's a robot imposter used Red Daemon Dragon and impersonated Jack Atlas. In ZeXal ll, Misael fought Yuma then, Kaito took over the duel due to Yuma's injury which they used the Galaxy-Eyes cards.

Note: I'm not including the 27th Duel Monster episode where Pegasus J. Crawford uses Toon Blue-Eyes against Kaiba, since Pegasus deck consisted of Toon cards and that Pegasus took Blue-Eyes from Kaiba. Or episode 136 where Jounouchi resurrects Kaiba's Blue-Eyes and uses against him.

102. ~Draw!~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters when Kaiba Seto was challenged by Pegasus J. Crawford, Kaiba accepted the challenge and eventually we found out that it wasn't really Pegasus by Amelda which their duel ended up as a draw. In Yuugiou GX for a graduation duel, Marufuji Ryo fought Yuki Judai which their duel ended up as a draw. At the Fortune cup, when Luca dueled Professor Frank their duel ended up as a draw. In Yuugiou ZeXal, when Kaito challenged Astral for all of their Numbers card, their duel was ended as a draw.

103. ~Duel Called Off~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters when Jounouchi fought Mai in season 4 of DOMA Arc, Valon jumped in when Mai was loosing and interuppted the duel and the duel was eventually called off. The second Duel Monsters GX ep when the security was arriving the duel between Jun and Judai was called off. Due to heart conditions the duel between Hell Kasier Ryo and Inotsume, Ryo fell down and Sho took his big brother place for a duel which will take place 3 days later which lead the duel being called off in Ryo's condition against Inotsume. When Yusei fought Kiryu, Yusei's D-Wheel was heavily damaged and then Yusei was impailed with a sharp object in him, the duel was called off. When a truck would call off a high way interferring Fudo Yusei and Sherry LeBlanc duel, the duel was called off, of both of their screens, after Stardust Dragon appeared and played by Aki with her psychic powers. When Jack fought Max at Nazca, Jack fell off the Wheel Of Fortune and the duel between Max and Jack was called off. In ZeXal, when Kaito challenged Yuma to a duel for knowing Yuma was in possession of Number cards, the duel was called off by Kaito when Orbital 7 showed that Haruto passed out. In Yuugiou ZeXal ll, after Yuma got injured from hitting the wall of the Sphere Field, Kaito took over but the duel had to be called off due to an overload in the Sphere Field.

104. ~Submerged Underwater/ Near Death Drowning~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, when Haga threw Yuugi's Exodia cards in the ocean, Jounochi tried to retrieve the 5 cards but drowned then Yuugi saved him at Battle City, Malik controlled Jounouchi which he fought against his friend Yuugi at the end both Yuugi and Jounouchi were going to drown to their deaths being submerged underwater. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Tenjoin Asuka was going to drown being trapped underground where water would eventually fill up while Judai was dueling a professor. In Yuugiou 5D's when Rally was being bullied, Jack appeared and protected Rally when Rally would be able to help out Jack out, Jack tied up Rally and put him in a wooden boat and called Yusei which eventually Rally fell off the boat and fell in the water.

Yuugi saves Jounouchi then Jounouchi saves Yuugi interesting.

105. ~Another Name/ Title~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Seto Kaiba was mostly called Kaiba and not Seto other than his younger brother Mokuba or Gosuboro. At Duelist Kingdom theirs a duelist by the name of Bandit Keith whose name is really Keith Howard. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, the emperor Ryo Marufuji earned the title Kaiser which is a German world which means Emperor, Ryo's brother Sho calls him big brother. In 5D's in season 1, Aki Izayoi had another name being called Black Rose. In the ZeXal / ZeXal ll series Ryoga has a nickname Shark due to using shark monsters in his deck the only person who calls Ryoga by his actual name is his sister Rio.

Seto Kaiba = Kaiba
Keith Howard = Bandit Keith
Ryo Marufuji = Kaiser (meaning Emperor)
Aki Izayoi = Black Rose
Ryoga Kamishiro = Shark

106. ~Monster Lv 5+ Hand Play~
In Yuugiou their has been monsters which can be special summoned from the owner's hand while the enemy controls 1monster+ while the opposing player controls some or none.
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Jounouchi used the Lv 6 Gigacyber card. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Ryo used the Cyber Dragon card. In Yuugiou 5D's, Jack used Big Piece Golem and Vice Dragon. In ZeXal ll, Yuma has Dododo Buster.

107. ~Only I/ We Can Control It/Them~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Kaiba, Atem, and Malik are able to control the 3 Egyptian God Cards. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, only Johan is the only duelist capable of controlling the GEM Beasts. In 5D's only Harald, Brave and Dragan are the only duelists in possession of the 3 Polar God Cards.

Note: Im not quite too positive about the 5D's Polar God cards, Im putting up only because Harald, Brave and Dragan have the Rune Eye and possibly the reason why those 3 have the Polar God cards possibly leading to why only Harald, Dragan and Brave can control them or only they can control them because they have the Rune Eye.

108. ~Heavy Characters~
I'll let the images speak for me

109. ~Using Someone Else's Card~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu gave Yuugi 1 card each for Yuugi to duel against Bakura at Duelist Kingdom. At the Alacatraz Duel Tower finals, Kaiba gives Yuugi The Fiend Sanctuary card to use against Dark/ Yami Malik. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, when Judai has to fight against Asuka under the control of Saiou Fubuki and Jun gives Judai Swing Of Memories and Ojama Black. When Yusei takes on Rudolph Heitmann, Yusei asks the students who are about to be expelled for using low/weak monsters a card which Yusei uses against Rudolph Heitmann. Against the duel with Z-ONE, Jack, Aki, Lua, Luca and Crow give Yusei their Synchro Monsters which will be used to fight Z-ONE.

110. ~Underground Dueling~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, after Marufuji Ryo lost to Edo Phoenix, Marufuji Ryo took on an underground dueling area and won. In Yuugiou 5D's Himuro dueled underground.

111. ~Booze~
After Keith Howard lost in America I believe, Keith went to a bar to get some booze at a bar. Jin Himuro had alcohol at the underground dueling area in the 5D's series.

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PostSubject: Re: Possible Yuugiou Connection To Past Sagas? Part 2   Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:40 pm

Part 4.

112. ~Retina Scanner~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters, Kaiba went into a hidden underground location where a secret area was located where he used a retina scanner. In Yuugiou 5D's Goodwin used a retina scanner to access a hidden location in an elevator.

113. ~Alternate Card Art~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Black Magician user Pandora has an alternate card art of Black Magician. In Yuugiou 5D's Edo Phoenix used an alternate card art work of E-HERO Featherman, E-HERO Burst Lady, and E-HERO Sparkman.

Note: I haven't fully thought it out if I would logically include the "Sin/ Malefic" monsters what debuted in "Super Fusion Bonds That Transcend Through Time" having the name "Sin/ Malefic" in their names.

114. ~Insect Duelists~
Yuugiou Duel Monsters the insect duelist is Haga. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX Kocho Ran which she uses the insect monsters. In Yuugiou 5D's Lenny from the Satellite uses insect cards.

115. ~Machine Duelists~
Yuugiou Duel Monsters Keith Howard uses machine monsters. Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX several characters use machine cards (Sho, Ryo, Chronos). In Yuugiou 5D's Lua and Rudolph Heitman uses machine monsters.

116. ~The Deck Of The Weak~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Jun created a deck using monsters cards where duelist have thrown them away being unusable. In Yuugiou 5D's, Yusei borrows the "weak" monsters from students to take on Rudolph Heitman which he was going to expel the students for using weak monsters cards.

117. ~Getting Smacked~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters after Atem lost the 3 part duel against Raphael, Jounouchi punched Atem. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX when Judai wanted answers from Fubuki who was in a hospital bed, after Judai attempted to wake up Fubuki, Asuka slapped Judai. In Yuugiou 5D's Jack hit Yusei while Yusei hit Jack Jack back. In Yuugiou ZeXal, when Yuma was looking for the Emperor's Key, and getting stopped by a door, Kotori slapped Yuma.

118. ~Catchphrase~
During Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, the protagonist catchphrase was " Gotcha ". In Yuugiou ZeXal, the protagonist's catchphrase is " Kattoingu "

119. ~iFetish~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Pegasus J. Crawford has his Sennen Eye in his right eye. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Jim Crocodile Cook has his Eye of Orichalcum in his left eye. In Yuugiou 5D's Team Ragnarok 3 members have the Rune Eye which appears on their left eyes. In Yuugiou ZeXal series, a new device called the D-Gazer is put on their left eye to see a solid vision of a duel being played.

120. ~Protagonist Monster Further Form~
In Yuugiou Duel Monsters Yuugi called out Dark Magician Knight against the Big 5 in Noah's Ark. In Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX, Yuki Judai called out different contact fusions of E-HERO Neos in the series starting with season 2. In Yuugiou 5D's Fudo Yusei called out Stardust Dragon Assault Mode in the OVA. In Yuugiou ZeXal series Yuma summoned Number 39 in different forms.


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PostSubject: Re: Possible Yuugiou Connection To Past Sagas? Part 2   

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Possible Yuugiou Connection To Past Sagas? Part 2
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