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 Naturia Deck

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PostSubject: Naturia Deck   Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:36 pm

*Note* you can skip this first paragraph it's just why I want to make a Naturia Deck.

Okay, so...First off, this is like...the only time I'm ever gonna post here since I don't do YGO competitively (I do pokemon rofl), but... I got Naturia Exterio from a friend and it looked so cool to me, I wanted to make a Naturia Deck, so... I got some cards together and got Naturia Barkion through an awesome Pull with Hidden Arsenal, and then me and my friends go to some local place and as I was contemplating about buying another Hidden Arsenal to try and get Beast, I was kinda talking to myself and some guys like, "Ew...don't get Naturias they suck..." So, I'm like...o.O K, cool story Bro, and I ask some other people...every single comment was negative about Naturias, and then some of my friends that were there with me were like suddenly like Yeah, don't do Naturias since we're like all noobs, but...unlike me they think they're pro since they look up deck builds online and do Dueling Network (XD) so...I want to make a Naturia deck because not to mention how totally awesome it would be but to prove their value. I've always been one to rebel, be the underdog, and so on...it's kinda fun to be like "Dude, you got your ask handed to you by Magikarps." stuff like that XD. I know that I can't just say...build me a Naturia deck since that's like...I did nothing, so...here is a list of all the Naturia Cards I have and some other cards/builds I'm thinking of making. So...here.

Monsters: 31
-Naturia Guardian x1
-Naturia White Oak x1
-Naturia Dragonfly x3
-Naturia Ragweed x1
-Naturia Tulip x1
-Naturia Vein x2
-Naturia Beetle x2
-Naturia Stinkbug x1
-Naturia Hydrangea x1
-Naturia Fruitfly x1
-Naturia Spiderfang x1
-Naturia Butterfly x1
-Naturia Mosquito x2
-Naturia Beans x2
-Naturia Horneedle x1

I have been thinking about some of these cards (I kinda want to make my deck as Naturia Pure as possible..but even I know the limitations of Naturias and how it's best as a hybrid)

-Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest x1 (For a Naturia Beast Hybrid Deck? Meh, a possibility :p)
-Summoner Monk x1 (Someone told me to put this in and combo with Flamvell Magician for an easy 8 Synchro and I'm like...o.O I don't know how that'll help my Naturias...but okay...)
-Flamvell Magician x1(^)
-Giant Rat x1(Well, I don't have Naturia Cliff so...good substitute?)
-Gigantes x1
-Milus Radiant x1
-Rescue Cat x1 (Same reason as Green Baboon)
-Junk Synchron x1 (Someone is like do a Junk Naturia Deck and I'm like I only have Junk Warrior...T_T but apparently...it works well with Naturias...so I'm told...)

Spells: 9
-Miracle Synchro Fusion x1
-Naturia Forest x3
-Landoise's Luminious Moss x1
-Mist Body x1
-Mystical Space Typhoon x2
-Invigoration x1
I know some staple Spell/Magic cards but um... I don't have any other Naturia Spell cards so...yeah...Any suggestions?

Traps: 10
-Exterio's Fang x1
-Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1
-Dust Tornado x1
-Magic Jammer x3
-Trap Jammer x1
-Sakuretsu Armor x1
-Dark Spirit of the Silent x1
-Spellbinding Circle x1

Extra Deck: 10 (I only have 8 Synchros...in my whole collection of cards...well...except for one Fabled, 2 T.G. Synchros, Turbo Warrior, and Road Warrior but um...these are my only general Synchro Deck...Razz)
-Naturia Exterio x1 (This card is going to be in there NO MATTER WHAT!)
-Naturia Barkion x1
-Naturia Landoise x1

I don't have Beast or Leodrake so um...yeah...
-Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste x1
-Gaia Knight, The Force of the Earth x1
-X-Saber UrBellum x2
-Red Dragon Archfiend x1
-Junk Warrior x1
-Red Nova Dragon x1

Side Deck: 0
Any Recommendations as to what to side for a Naturia Deck?

Now, before I get Trolled like hell, I don't have Stardust Dragon, or Black Rose Dragon I know I'm noob, but this is what I have, I know that I need Naturia Bamboo Shoot, but it's not in there because I don't have it, I know this deck is...one of the worst decks (I know worst) but it's all I have. I'm willing to go out and buy some recommended cards (But...I'm not rich, I'm not loaded I got $35) So yeah...Have fun?

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PostSubject: Re: Naturia Deck   Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:55 pm

maby If you could get your hands on a couple of naturia marrons "PHSW common" Hes a great recycler
Also lets you draw and ditch something if needed

And dont feel bad about not having things like stardust and stuff
When I got back into the game "I had stoped around the first 5ds pack,came back when the xyz came out"
I was stuck with like 6 or 7 synchros xD
Then I started playing plants with a couple of synchs,i won my locals Very Happy

Any Deck can work,Not just meta
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Naturia Deck
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