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 LoL League of Legends

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PostSubject: LoL League of Legends   LoL League of Legends Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 6:20 pm

Okay...so like for the past couple of months I've been hooked onto this game called League of Legends by Riot games, very similar to DoTA (A Warcraft mod) and um...If you play, you can look me up I'm Skevengal also, I think I'm like 15-ish? Kinda a newbie level but I have a whole bunch of other accounts, some of them are smurfs :p, I looked through the section but I couldn't find a League thread so yea...just thought I'd put one XD, If you haven't heard of it or so...look it up, it's a really fun (addicting) game, I had to stop playing Pokemon for a while for this and that's like...impossible for me XD, I mainly play as Master Yi, started playing as Swain and let's just say...every couple of minutes it goes " An enemy has been Swained!" haha... So, yeah out of curiosity does anyone here play League?
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LoL League of Legends
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